Monday, November 15, 2010

Fortune Telling over a cup of Turkish Coffee..

In Turkey it's very popular trying to see your fortune by looking inside the cup that you drink your coffee.
After drinking ,we turn over our coffee cups,wait for a while and after the cup gets cool down we turn it back and try to understand our fortune.Some people are really experts on this subject and they can tell you lots stories only by looking at the shapes inside the cup.Also people use this as an excuse to share a conversation about their hopes and dreams for the future.

If you would like to try,here are some symbols to understand your future:

Bird                              : a visitor is on his/her way to you with quite exciting news
Cat                               : be careful about that person, think if she/he is good for you
Clover with four leaves   : luck
Crown                          : achievement
Dog                             : the one you love is so truthful to you
Elephant                       : you will receive financial support from a wealthy person
Envelope                      : you will receive good news
Fish                             : a chunk of money is waiting for you
Horse                           : singles will get married, married ones will buy a new house
Key                              : open all doors and eliminate obstacles
Long lines                    : you will travel
Pomegranate                : prosperity
Snake                          : watch for the silent enemy
Turtle                          : will meet someone that you will share your house with
                                     2. longevity / luck


  1. :))) Thx for sharing this
    in Jawa (I was born there), there also coffee fortune telling.. and when I live in Turkey and I still like to turn down my coffee cup but still reading the fortune telling by Javanesse ways.. now I will try with your fortune telling here.. :))
    Just for fun though

  2. well.... very interesting article! thanks!
    I had Turkish coffee the other day and when I was ready to wash it, I took a look on that and I think I saw a heart in there... do you know if it means something? thanks! :-)

  3. How fun! I've heard of reading tea leaves but being a coffee drinker the mysticism of your article is for ME. Think I'll go make some coffee right now and see what awaits me....

    Thanks for such a fun article!

  4. Hi Thanks for your nice comment. Seriously, heart means : If you are single you will meet someone , if you are with someone , romantic times are ahead..

  5. Boulder: You are welcome. Enjoy the taste of your coffee and have fun !

  6. Wow how interesting :) I love this post so much great info, thanks for sharing.

  7. such a sweet post:)
    i m not so fan of coffee but i just drink it if there is someone to read my fortune:)

  8. That is very cool...I have never tried this before, but I think I will :)

  9. Interesting... Does it apply to only Turkish coffee or other types of coffee?

  10. Spoon and Chopsticks: Thanks for your comment. It probably applies to Turkish coffee only since the sediment is thick enough to spread along the cup.

  11. This is really interesting. Thanks for sharing. In Cyprus we try to read the coffee cup as well... :-)