Friday, November 12, 2010

How to prepare Turkish Coffee..

Turkish Coffee                                                       

Very fine powder Turkish Coffee-1 full teaspoon for each cup
Water-one coffee cup of water for each person
         Sugar-optional (if used,one teaspoon per person)

1.    Time required:about 3-5 minutes
2.    Items needed:small coffee cups like espresso cups and a long handled pot
3.    Put one coffee cup of water and one full teaspoon of coffee for each person into the pot
4.    The amount of sugar must be determined before you begin.If you like it with sugar you need to put it in the pot before you cook it;one teaspoon of sugar for each person.Or if you like it without sugar,you simply skip the sugar.
5.    Put everything into the pot and stir well.
6.    Use low heat and bring the coffee slowly to boil.
7.    As it boils,the froth forms on top.Just before it overflows,remove the pot from the heat and divide the froth into the coffee cups.
8.    Bring the rest of the coffee to boil again and pour equally into the cups.
9.    You can now serve you coffee and Bon Appetit!


  1. I'm not a coffee drinker, I think I have max 5 coffees a year, but Turkish coffee is one of my weakness, for a second I closed my eyes and could smell it, divine

  2. Dear gringari: Many thanks for the nice comment , I suggest you try Turkish Coffee this time! It is good as a morning coffee or after a good lunch or dinner.Enjoy!